Wildlife Control Problems

Wildlife control issues can cause homeowners great headaches. Depending on the animal, the damages can be extensive and turn into a costly issue over time. Critter Control of Columbus recognizes the risk associated with having geese near your pond, moles in your yard, and carpenter bees in your home. Your technician at Critter Control of Columbus will remove the problem animal, repair damages, and prevent future invasions.

Wildlife Removal

Geese, moles, and carpenter bees can be tricky to remove as an untrained homeowner - and without knowing the regulations and precautions to take, you or the wild animal could end up getting injured. The team at Critter Control of Columbus is trained to safely handle all Central Ohio wildlife and knows their habits, diet preferences, and intelligence levels. Using specific methods for each instance of wildlife, will ensure safe removal. Trust Critter Control of Columbus to remove whatever wildlife you may be dealing with, big or small!No domestic Animal calls please

Damage Repairs

When inside your home or on your property, wild animals can cause extensive damages in a little amount of time. Geese pose a great threat to you, your kids, and your pet’s safety. Moles will tear up your yard and other vegetation. Carpenter bees will ruin your homes structure. Whatever your intrusive animal may damage, Critter Control of Columbus can repair it! We use repairs that will second as prevention methods to keep wildlife away and out of your home for good.


Critter Control of Columbus offers prevention techniques that can be installed to keep wildlife out of your home. Each prevention method varies per wild animal. Your technician may use vent screening, chimney caps, habitat modification, or one-way doors to prevent your home from being intruded into again.

Critter Control of Columbus can handle it all! If you are facing problems with geese, moles, woodpeckers, carpenter bees, or any other nuisance animal, call us at (614) 300-7547.