Once Critter Control of Columbus completes the wildlife removal and your home is free of intrusive critters, crawl space restoration and clean up will be necessary. Critter Control of Columbus offers crawl space restoration, repairs, and clean up services to get rid of wildlife droppings, urine, and other waste left behind.

Restoration, Repairs & Clean Up

Wildlife animals in the crawl space can great damages that are capable of leading to further problems. Air ducts may be damaged, resulting in a loss of energy efficiency, and pipes may be damaged, leading to odors and water leaks. Critter Control of Columbus will remove the feces in the crawl space, clean up the urine, and repair the wildlife damages.

Wildlife Animals in the Crawl Space

Rodents in the crawl space can cause mold and decay to accumulate due to the droppings and urine left behind. The droppings and urine alone will create a terrible odor, and the mold and decay will simply add to that musky scent. If you find a wildlife animal in the crawl space such as raccoons, rodents, opossums, or skunks, chances are they will pull insulation, rip apart vapor barriers, and pull apart heating ducts for nesting materials and to keep warm.

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