Critter Control of Columbus is your company when you need full service animal damage control. We will remove the unwanted animal and repair the damages done to your home. Your technician will follow up on the wildlife control until the job is completed!

Damage Control

Geese damage, mole damage, woodpecker damage, and squirrel damages can result in further concerns for your home. All wildlife animals will create different damages and require different methods for prevention and repair. Your technician at Critter Control of Columbus will be experienced in all wildlife habits and the techniques necessary to repair damages and prevent future invasions.


It is important to prevent wildlife damage before it occurs. Critter Control of Columbus will inspect your home top to bottom, inside and out, and create a plan to keep your home safe from wildlife intrusions and damages.

Prevention techniques may include habitat modifications, customer education, screening vents, chimney caps, and closing all entry holes.

If you believe you have a need for wildlife damage control, call Critter Control of Columbus! 614.300.7547