08.15.16 - Mating Season Begins For Skunks
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07.14.16 - Unknown Roommate Removed!
We received a call from a gentleman that had recently moved into a rental home.  Shortly after his tenancy began, he noticed signs that he might have an unknown and unwelcomed roommate.  CRITTER CONTROL visited the property and assessed
02.10.15 - Skunk Mating Season - Love Stinks!
The begining of February will start the skunk control calls. You may notice an odor while driving down the road or simply stepping out the backdoor, and that is something you will need to get used to for a while! Keep an eye out for possible
10.27.14 - Critter Control of Columbus in Christian Blue Pages
Critter Control of Columbus was featured in this spot for the Christian Blue Pages. Trust Critter Control of Columbus for all of your wild animal control, animal removal and animal damage control
05.28.14 - Inspectors: Rats visiting, but not moving into Colonial Hills
By CANDY BROOKS | This Week Community News A few rats may have slipped over the border from Clintonville to Worthington, but they do not seem to be setting up a new homestead in Colonial Hills. After receiving reports of rats in the
03.15.13 - Critters On The Move!
As winter slowly creeps away and warmer temperatures replace crisp afternoons, critters are on the move. Nuisance wildlife abounding inside the big city get a “wake up call” when the warmer days of Spring arrive. Many critters that lay